5 Essential Factors To Look At While Buying Mexican Auto Insurance

Now that the borders have opened up and the pandemic has loosened its grip, a road trip to Mexico could be the perfect getaway this year. But let’s take a moment and see if you have got everything you need for the journey.

So, you got your travel documents, health check-ups, and your car spic and span ready for the trip. But is your Mexican auto insurance ready? Because you will need it at the border to gain a vehicle permit for your automobile. Mexican laws make it compulsory to carry auto insurance to ride any vehicle on Mexican roads. And given the absolute necessity insurance is, you need it either way.

But many people tend to forget about this crucial piece of requirement simply because they tend to think that their existing insurance is all they need. But in most cases, your current insurance will not be considered valid. You will require Mexican auto insurance authorized and acknowledged by the Mexican government.

So even though you may be using this Mexican insurance for a short duration of your trip, it is still a good idea to carefully vet your options and get the best Mexican auto insurance.

And here are some pointers you can keep in your mind to buy the best Mexican auto insurance.


While cost is probably the foremost factor for consideration, do not rely only on cost to make your final decision. The cost would mainly differ based on your vehicle, travel duration, dates traveled, destination, and the coverage you seek.


Besides the liability coverage, you can also seek additional coverage for theft assistance, vandalism protection, towing assistance, and more.

Reschedule And Cancellation Policy

As trip dates could get preponed, postponed, or even canceled, make sure the insurance policy can accommodate such changes at minimal cost or free of charge.

24/7 Customer Support

Customer support is essential to make claims and get assistance on time. And also, make sure the support is available in your preferred language.

Trust Score

This is a significant factor as not every policy that looks great on paper will be good in reality. The insurance provider must have the proper infrastructure to support your assistance claims and provide valid services at the right time. To evaluate a company’s trust score, you need to check their rating level, check whether they are authorized and acknowledged by the government committees, get referrals and customer testimonials.

SmartGringo is here to help you out. You can get the best quotes based with the necessary details, such as the make, model, and year of manufacturing of your vehicle. You will also have to include trip details like the duration of the trip, destination, and travel dates to get a proper quote. Get quotes from different companies, compare, evaluate and choose the best that fits your needs. For any queries, contact us today.

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