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Cost effective short term Mexico auto insurance from one day to one year, issued in minutes online.

Why SmartGringo?

Unlike most companies that just take your basic information and generate a quote for you, we let you customize the levels of coverage on your own and choose the rate that fits your needs, not the insurance company’s.

Cheap, fast, reliable insurance.


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Don’t cross without temporary Mexican auto insurance – it’s the law!

Cost effective short term Mexico auto insurance from one day to one year, issued in minutes online.

SmartGringo Offerings

We have several insurance options to meet your needs.

You’re heading to paradise, don’t spoil the trip by not being prepared. Check out our different options available to you and your loved ones. 

SUV in the desert

The fastest coverage for driving in Mexico.

What you'll need to get a car insurance quote.

Getting a temporary Mexican car insurance policy has never been easier. Here is what you need to get started and have a quote within minutes. 

Personal information

Name, date of birth, address, and your credit card

Vehicle information

Current car registration and the name of your insurance company at home

It’s the law

Why do you need car insurance?

Most US and Canadian-based insurance policies are not recognized in Mexico, so you should purchase a temporary Mexican insurance policy before crossing the border with your vehicle. If you are in an accident, damages are assessed at the scene, and you must show the ability to pay.

Liability Coverage

Covers damages to other people and property should you be in an accident.

Comprehensive Coverage

Covers your liability to other people and property as well as your own vehicle and passengers.

Boat & Watercraft Coverage

If you are entering a marina in Mexico, you are required to have a policy prior to entering.

Home Owners Coverage

Our policies offer customizable options depending on your needs and have great, affordable coverage.

What people are saying about us

Happy SmartGringo Customers

Don’t take our word for it, listen to what our customers are saying about our services and policies.

“I have a new car and I wanted to make sure it was protected. I loved how the site lets you customize options to suit what is best for my personal needs.”
“I started using Smart Gringo for Mexican insurance last year and really was impressed with how effortless it was compared with other companies I've used. Smart Gringo is also affordable. I have peace of mind when crossing the border that I'm covered if anything were to happen.”
“My experience purchasing temporary Mexican auto insurance through SmartGringo was great. I liked that I can customize the policy to my needs and there were several options to choose from. It has become my go-to site to purchase car insurance when I am going across the border to play in Rosarito!”
“SmartGringo was fast and easy and within about 5 minutes I was printing out my temporary insurance policy to take with me to Mexico. Thank you!”

Heard enough and ready to get started?

Check out the various offerings from SmartGringo and get started today with your protection.

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Did you know our insurance partner, Baja Bound, has over 20 years of trust in the Mexican insurance industry? Get great insurance coverage in less than 5 minutes and see why they have so many happy customers.

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SmartGringo thanks you for being awesome, you are being redirected to our exceptional insurance partner, Baja Bound.  You'll be able to get your insurance online through them, and they're around in case you have any questions.   The agents there love insurance and LOVE Mexico!