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Comprehensive auto insurance to protect you & your passengers in the event of an accident in Mexico.

We can insure your vehicle from one day to one year at a time. We offer temporary policies for liability-only as well as comprehensive coverage for your vehicle.

Your U.S. and Canadian policies do not cover you while traveling in Mexico. If you are in an accident and do not have Mexican auto insurance, you can be sent to jail, and your US-based policy is not recognized in Mexico. Shop our affordable & best online plans offered to you through the most popular insurance companies in Mexico. There are several options available depending on your needs from our AAA-rated companies. Policies are available to buy for as little as one day to two years and you can customize the quote to your needs including varying deductibles.

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Liability Coverage

Liability-only insurance cost covers damages to other people and property should you be in an accident. It is the most basic temporary coverage and it does not cover damages to your own vehicle. This is the minimum requirement for all vehicles in Mexico.

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Comprehensive Coverage

A comprehensive policy covers your liability to other people and property as well as your own vehicle and passengers. Some policies include theft as well, and you can customize the policy limits and deductibles. This is the recommended temporary policy from SmartGringo. Note: vehicles older than 20 years are not eligible for comprehensive coverage and can only get liability coverage.

Mexican Auto Insurance Online FAQs

Do I need a Mexican insurance policy?

The majority of US and Canadian based insurance policies are not recognized in Mexico so you should purchase a temporary Mexican insurance policy before you cross the border with your vehicle. If you are in an accident, damages are assessed at the scene and you must show the ability to pay.

I have an old car. Do I really need insurance?

All vehicles must carry an insurance policy regardless of the age of the vehicle.  Vehicles over 20 years old are only eligible for liability-only coverage but still must have a valid Mexican insurance policy.

If I am in an accident, how are claims handled?

Claims are handled in a very similar process as your policy at home where all the information is gathered and the amount of repairs or loss will be determined.  You will be able to choose the repair shop of your choice, but claims must be filed before leaving Mexico. If your vehicle is a total loss, the value is determined using Kelley Blue Book and the Nada Guide.

Why doesn't my US insurance company cover me?

Some auto insurance companies do provide coverage within a specific range of the border but it’s very important to know this before you cross, and you need to check the specifics as to what is covered. Some US companies do not cover vehicle damages or theft in Mexico.  Keep in mind, if you do not have this in writing, the Mexican authorities may not recognize it as a legitimate policy, which is why for peace of mind, we recommend a temporary car insurance policy.

Can I get a full-coverage policy?

Yes! full coverage polices are available and not only cover physical damage and theft to your vehicle, but some options can include medical evacuation and roadside assistance as well. The policies issued by SmartGringo’s partner company is considered “no fault” coverage, so if someone hits you that has no coverage, you are still covered by your policy.

What information do I need to get started?

Our policies are very simple to complete, and you can get started with your car registration, driver’s license, the name of your insurance company at home, and your credit card.

Do not cross without coverage. It’s the law.

Your US or Canadian-based insurance is not recognized by Mexican authorities, regardless of what your home-based insurance company says. You could be detained for not having a valid Mexican auto insurance policy.

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