All the coverage you need in one place


customizable to your needs

You can customize your own levels of coverage and choose a deductible you are comfortable with.


Affordable and reliable

Our policies are cost effecgive and backed by A-rated Mexican insurance companies.


Policies issued in minutes

Get your policy and be on your way in no time and you can do it all from your computer or phone.

Types of Insurance

SmartGringo offers the following types of insurance for your individual needs. 

Car Insurance

Get temporary Mexican auto insurance fast with policies available from just one day to a full year.

HOmeowners & rental insurance

Own a home or condo in Mexico? Custommize your homeowners policy to your liking.

Travel Medical Insurance

Protect your family with temporary medical insurance.

Medical Evacuation Insurance

Get flown home to the hospital of your choice in the event the worse happens.

Boat & Watercraft Insurance

Policies from one day to a full year for your boat or personal watercraft.


Don't cross without coverage!

Mexican insurance is not an option and your US or Canadian-based coverage is not valid in Mexico. Don't risk going to jail over what amounts to minutes to get coverage.

I started using Smart Gringo for Mexican insurance last year and really was impressed with how effortless it was compared with other companies I've used. Smart Gringo is also affordable. I have peace of mind when crossing the border that I'm covered if anything were to happen. Overall I couldn't be happier and have recommended Smart Gringo to family and friends.


My experience purchasing temporary Mexican auto insurance through SmartGringo was great. I liked that I can customize the policy to my needs and there were several options to choose from. It has become my go-to site to purchase car insurance when I am going across the border to play in Rosarito!


SmartGringo was fast and easy and within about 5 minutes I was printing out my temporary insurance policy to take with me to Mexico. Thank you!


I have a new car and I wanted to make sure it was protected. I loved how the site lets you customize options to suit what is best for my personal needs.


    Get Answers

    Here are some answers to common questions we get asked. 

    All non-Mexican citizens need a passport or passport card to enter back into the United States.

    Immediately call the number on your insurance packet. An adjuster will come out immediately and assess the situation and help you.

    Renta car agencies issue their own insurance so you cannot purchase your own policy. You must purchase it through the rental car company.

    Do not offer a bribe and do not give in to their pressure to do so. Insist on a written ticket. If possible, take a photo of their badge and name and report them to the police station.

    Check your lease agreement. Most leasing companies do not allow the vehicle to leave the United States.

    Mexico is very safe but like any city in any country, there are good spots and bad spots. Don't put yourself in danger by hanging out in bad areas, especially at n right. Be smart and use your head and you should be fine.