What do do if the unexpected happens

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So you’ve had an accident. We are here to help. Here’s what to do next.

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If you have been in an accident, first and foremost, remain calm. Follow these important steps.

Stay Put

Do not leave the scene of the accident and do not move your vehicle.

Call the Claim Number

Call the toll-free number provided on your policy. Be prepared to provide your policy number, the name of the insured and the driver, the location address of where the accident happened, and the vehicle identification information. (year, make, model, etc.)

Wait for the Adjuster to Arrive

An adjuster will be dispatched to examine your vehicle. Have your insurance certificate and your driver’s license handy. You will be asked to complete an accident report.

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What to do Next

You purchased this temproary Mexican insurance for a reason. It is recommended that you do not make any arrangements for anyone to repair the vehicle. The adjuster will arrange this. If the vehicle is moved from the scene of the accident, notify the insurance company of the new location. DO NOT drive back across the border until you have notified the insurance company of the claim as they will not cover you once reported from the U.S. or Canada.

To report a claim with HDI Seguros or Chubb Seguros, it’s crucial to act promptly and ensure you do so before leaving Mexico.

Here’s what you need to know:

All claims must be reported before departing Mexico to avoid potential denial.
For HDI Seguros, call directly within Mexico at +52 (477) 740-2818 or toll-free from the U.S. at +1 (888) 212-7642.

For Chubb Seguros, call within Mexico at +52 (818) 864-9322 or toll-free from the U.S. at +1 (877) 699-6679.

If you need to report an accident:

Contact the police by dialing 911 and request a “perito” (police investigator). Wait for them to arrive and avoid moving vehicles if possible.

Call your insurance company promptly, have your policy details ready, and provide details of the incident. A claims representative will guide you through the process and assign an adjuster if necessary. Make sure to note down your claim number.
If your vehicle has been stolen:

Report the theft to your insurance company immediately before leaving Mexico, and keep your policy information handy.

Take note of your claim number and expect the insurance company to assist with police reports.
Important tips:

Refrain from accepting money from others involved in the incident.

Retain all documentation provided to you.

Obtain all necessary reports before leaving Mexico to avoid delays in processing your claim or potential return trips.

Once back home, HDI or Chubb will advise you on further steps and maintain communication throughout the claims handling process.

For further assistance:

HDI Seguros collaborates with International Claims Service in Texas. You can reach them toll-free at +1 (800) 284-9783 or directly at +1 (956) 682-1353.

Chubb Seguros can be contacted toll-free from the U.S. at +1 (844) 804-9288.

Ensure you follow these steps promptly and thoroughly to facilitate a smooth claims process.



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