Checklist For Getting One Day Mexican Auto Insurance

Sometimes, it can be mind-boggling how close some US cities are to Mexico. Mexico has long been our friendly neighbor that you can hop on your vehicle and just go around for a breezy day tour to the colorful streets of Mexico. Be it waterways or roadways, Mexico offers a lot of delicious eye treats for any willing tourist. One-day trips to Mexico can be a complete fun package just within your budget limitations. But the legal considerations are still pretty much the same for your trip, no matter how short it is. You need to carry the right travel documents and get your auto insurance to gain a permit for your vehicle to be taken to Mexico.

Your existing insurance will most probably not be considered valid in Mexico as Mexico only accepts insurances that the Mexican government duly authorizes. The good news is many Mexican insurance providers offer you short-term Mexican auto insurance products anywhere from a day trip to a whole year, all at an affordable cost.

Your coverage will be just for your trip’s duration, so the premium amount will also depend on the duration you select. But is the premium cost the only deciding factor you should rely on when selecting the best Mexican auto insurance?

Of course not. Be it one day or one year, when you pay a premium, you want to look at the best policies available to get your money’s worth of service.

Checklist for buying a one-day Mexican auto insurance

  • The coverage provided. Besides the default liability coverage, look into the other coverages you seek like towing assistance, flyback assistance, legal assistance, passenger insurance coverage, theft coverage, vandalism protection, and so on. But remember, the more options you choose, the higher the premium.
  • 24/7 customer support is a must for any insurance provider. Do ensure they also have support for your language of preference.
  • Only work with genuine and highly rated providers with a rating of A and above. This ensures you get your claims properly served and all your queries resolved on time. You should also research their customer trust score by reading up on user testimonials and reviews. One good place to start would be to get referrals from your existing insurance provider on whether they work with any insurance providers in Mexico

Once you have fixed your requirements on budget, coverage, and travel dates, it is time to gather quotes from different insurance providers. By getting quotes, you can compare the terms of the policies and choose the best one that fits your needs. SmartGringo helps you get quotes from the best auto insurance providers in the country within just a few clicks.

Here is the important information you will have to provide to get a quote

  • The duration and dates you will be traveling in Mexico
  • Your travel destination in Mexico
  • Your existing insurance policy number, if any
  • The driver’s license
  • Model, make, and year of manufacture of your vehicle
  • The unique vehicle identification number for your vehicle
  • The license plate number

Get your quotes now.

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