Common Questions and Answers about Mexican Auto & Car Insurance


Question: I want to purchase full coverage for my vehicle. Why is my quote for liability only.

Answer: There are three potential reasons why you can only purchase a liability only Mexican car insurance quote.

1. The age of the vehicle is over 20 years old – vehicles this old are ineligible for physical coverage.

2. The value of the vehicle – anything lower than $3,000 is only eligible for liability only.

3. No coverage exists for the vehicle in the US or Canada – you must have a valid policy in the US or Canada on your vehicle in order to be eligible for a Mexican auto insurance policy with comprehensive coverage.

Question: I would like to purchase coverage for more than six months. Do I have to maintain coverage in my home country?

Answer: Yes – in order to have comprehensive coverage for your vehicle, you must carry a policy at home with a minimum of liability coverage.

Question: If we are involved in an accident, what do we do?

Answer: If you are in an accident, immediately call the number listed on the first page of your policy. An adjuster will be immediately assigned and come to the scene to help with next steps. DO NOT under any circumstance leave the scene and report the accident later.

Question: Do I need to carry the policy with me?

Answer: You need to have a copy of your policy in the insured vehicle at all times.

Question: How do I know the insurance I am buying is from a reputable company?

Answer: All of our carriers have a A+ or better rating from AM Best, who rates insurance companies. All three companies are also owned by much larger, global insurance companies. You can find additional information on each company here:

Question: What is the fixed deductible option on some policies?

Answer: Typical Mexican policies use percentages to calculate deductibles and Mexican insurance policyholders have to absorb 2% of the value of the vehicle for collisions and 5% of the value of the vehicle for theft. Our policies have an option to choose a fixed deductible so you are not surprised by an unexpected large deductible in the event of a loss.

Question: In the event of a loss, how is the value of my vehicle determined?

Answer: Insurance companies use the NADA Guide to determine the value of the vehicle based on the Actual Cash Value. (ACV)

Question: Are claims paid in Mexican Pesos or US Dollars?

Answer: Mexican insurance companies settle all claims in U Dollars from a US Bank should you choose to have repairs done in the US. If repairs are done in Mexico, then the shop who is being paid will be paid in Pesos.

Question: How can I get a quote for Mexican auto insurance?

Answer: You can get a quote online here.

Question: What cannot be covered?

Answer: Here is what cannot be covered by a temporary Mexican insurance policy:

  • Mexican plated vehicles and Mexican drivers
  • Vehicles involved in off-roading or racing
  • Vehicles for commercial use
  • If you are in an accident and are under the influence of drugs and alcohol
  • Personal items of little value in the vehicle

Question: What are Medical Payments?

Answer: Medical payments on your policy means that the driver and passengers of the insured vehicle will receive medical coverage if they are in an accident. Limits can vary depending on your policy.

Question: What if I did not add another driver on the policy when it was issued?

Answer: The policy issued is on the vehicle, so anyone driving the car is covered as long as they have a non-Mexican drivers license, are over age 21, and have permission to operate the vehicle.

Question: Can I get coverage on items I am towing?

Answer: You automatically have liability-only coverage on items on your are towing as long as it is being towed by the insured vehicle, however if it is self propelled vehicle like a boat, motorcycle, ATV, etc., it needs to have its own policy to be covered.

Question: Can I cancel my policy?

Answer: Yes. Refunds will be credited to the credit card you used when you purchased the policy. If the policy is canceled before the insurance coverage begins, you will receive a full refund less the policy fee. If the policy has already started, there are no refunds unless it is a policy for 6-months or more and it is prorated.

Question: Can I bring a leased vehicle into Mexico and can I get insurance coverage for it?

Answer: Yes, but you must first have permission letter from the Lessor to drive the car into Mexico. You also need to make sure the Lessor’s information is on the policy application.

Question: If I am in an accident, do I have to have repairs done in Mexico or can I bring it back to the States for repair?

Answer: As long as your vehicle is in safe driving condition, you can choose to have your vehicle repaired in the States, however you must make your claim at the time of the accident and not when you return home to the States.

Question: What if my personal items are stolen from my vehicle, like my cell phone?

Answer: Personal items are not covered in a temporary Mexican auto insurance policy, however often times they are covered in a homeowners or renters insurance policy.


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