Do I need Medical Evacuation Insurance when Traveling Abroad?

You’ve decided to book that well-deserved vacation to Mexico or wherever your dream vacation spot is located. You’ve purchased your tickets,  packed your bags, signed up for some activities at the resort, everything is going to be great.
But what if something happens? What if that jet-ski excursion or zip-line adventure doesn’t go as planned and you or one of your loved ones is injured? If it’s a minor injury, you can probably get by with a visit to the local hospital, but what if it’s more serious? What if you need to be back in your home country for care? If you’ve purchased travel medical insurance then your care abroad will be covered but those plans don’t usually cover emergency evacuations.  An air ambulance home could break your bank if you don’t also have travel evacuation insurance.
The good news is, evacuation insurance is pretty inexpensive so if you have it, you can travel with peace of mind that if the unexpected does happen, you’re covered.  Travel Medevac is one of the major providers of medical evacuation insurance and they have outstanding coverage including:

  • Air medical transport to the hospital of your choice
  • Ground ambulance transport from hospital to hospital
  • A flight back home for your dependents
  •  Visitor transportation
  • Disabled driver/RV/watercraft return
  • Transport and repatriation of mortal remains
  • Transport of traveling companion or family members

One of the best things about travel medical insurance is how affordable it is. Plans start for as low as $16 and they also offer semi-annual and annual plans for maximum coverage.  As an example, a Mexico-only annual plan is just $195 per year.
The next time you travel abroad, do it with the assurance that you and your family are covered in the event of a major emergency.

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