Do You Have Mexican Tourist Car Insurance?

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Are you planning a road trip to Mexico? Have you checked all items on your checklist? You need your passport, driving license, road permit, Mexican Visa, stay arrangements, a little Spanish dictionary, health insurance, and, most importantly — your car insurance.
A road trip to Mexico is a dream adventure that can bring you close to a real Mexican experience. As you course through the deserts, colonial cities, Mexican jungles, misty mountains, majestic beaches, and the ancient ruins – you get to have a road trip of a lifetime.
Yes, Mexico has it all, and a road trip is probably the best plan to experience it in all its glory. You could choose to cross borders in your vehicle or rent one out in Mexico to embark on your journey. But either way, you have to remember to get the appropriate car insurance to make sure you don’t get stranded somewhere with no backup.
Risks, no matter how thrilling, should be taken with proper contingencies in hand. So here is your guide to getting the right car insurance for your Mexican road trip.

Why Do You Need Car Insurance?

As a tourist visiting a foreign country, you have to be careful of your expenses and, most importantly, your safety. Insurance assures you of both in case you encounter an accident or mistakes that damage your car. And insurance is not optional.
Car insurance is mandatory if you want to take a road trip as a tourist in Mexico.
It is also required by law for any parties involved in a road accident to provide proof of valid insurance or financial responsibility.

How To Get Mexican Tourist Car Insurance?

There are two ways you can try to get car insurance as you travel to Mexico.

  • Piggybacking on your existing car insurance if your insurer extends coverage to Mexican territories as well. But this might not be applicable anymore as most Mexican authorities will accept only Mexican auto insurance policies, especially for newer vehicles.
  • Buying insurance from a Mexican insurance agency to cover for your car for the duration of your travel.

If you are using a rental car, make sure to include insurance for your rental policy.
There are two essential eligibility criteria you need to satisfy to be able to apply for car insurance.

  • You should be aged 21 and above
  • You should have a valid driver’s license.

The insurance costs will vary on the duration of your trip and factors like vehicle condition and more. To make a claim, you will have to report the incident in Mexico as soon as possible. An adjuster should be summoned to the scene of the accident.  You should include a copy of the  adjuster report, local police report, policy, registration and license when you file a claim

What Can Mexican Tourist Car Insurance Cover?

Car insurances are usually a separate policy from domestic policies. The coverage provided by car insurances may include:

  • Medical bills in case of injuries due to car accidents
  • Car repairs cost
  • Physical damage and theft
  • Property damage caused by accidents
  • Medical payments for driver and passengers
  • Legal assistance
  • Loan or lease payoff for a totaled car.
  • Towing assistance
  • Roadside assistance
  • Medical evacuation

According to the policy terms you choose and agree upon, the coverage limits and claim eligibility may vary. It has been observed that Mexican tourist auto insurances usually have low fixed deductibles, which is the amount you pay apart from the coverage provided by the insurance.


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