Does Your Car Insurance Cover You in Mexico?

Planning a road trip down to Mexico in your car and wondering if your car insurance will cover you as well in case of an accident?
Well, we will have to break the news for you. In most circumstances, the car insurance that provides you with needed protection in Canada and the US, won’t cover you in Mexico.
In Mexico, you are required to carry car insurance through a Mexican provider.
The Need for Getting Mexico Auto Insurance
While visiting Mexico and exploring the unexplored in Mexico in your car sounds like an ideal deal, it is necessary to ensure that you are properly covered by Mexico car insurance policy before you cross the border.
Although your US policy might claim of providing coverage up to a certain distance into Mexico, Mexican law requires you to have coverage from a Mexican car insurance company.
While you could still insist to go with the US insurance, it is important to mention here that things will become worse once you get into an accident. You will end up losing a lot of time on your vacation.
You don’t have to worry about your license though – your US driving license works just fine in Mexico.
Getting a Car Insurance in Mexico is Easy!
Also called Mexico tourist auto insurance, Mexico auto insurance is a type of car insurance that covers the drivers who drive their own vehicles in Mexico. These insurance policies are available for a range of vehicles including RV and motorcycle.
While buying car insurance in Mexico, it is necessary that you choose an appropriate coverage level for your policy. At the bare minimum, it must provide liability coverage. You can also choose to add other optional coverage like collision coverage, gap insurance, and roadside assistance as well.
Rental Cars and Car Insurance in Mexico
If you rent a car in Mexico instead of driving it all the way from the US, you don’t need to worry about buying an insurance policy. This is because your rental car automatically comes with the required liability insurance.
However, it is important to mention here that your credit card insurance might not cover you in Mexico as it does in the US. Therefore, you might need to buy additional insurance to protect yourself in case you end up damaging the rental car itself.
What’s covered by Car Insurance in Mexico?
The exact details related to insurance coverage will vary from insurance provider to provider as most providers offer car insurance in different tiers. However, the most common coverage options include medical payments, physical damage and theft, liability coverage, legal assistance, roadside assistance and so on.
The Next Steps
As is evident, it is necessary to have car insurance in Mexico. Do not take any chances, and buy now.

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