GEICO Encourages Driver to Get Mexican Auto Insurance

US Insurance Company GEICO is encouraging people planning to visit Mexico by car to purchase auto insurance. In a press release in January, GEICO reminds drivers that US auto insurance policies are not valid in Mexico and as of January of 2019, all vehicles traveling on federal roads are required to have insurance.
In addition, GEICO reminds drivers that any time you travel to Mexico, you need the following:

  1. Proof of Citizenship
  2. Proof of Auto Insurance
  3. Current vehicle registration

It has been seen by many expats in Mexico that the Federal Police (Policia Federal) are randomly setting up checkpoints to stop drivers and validate current insurance coverage. Since US and Canadian insurance is not valid in Mexico, it’s mandatory to have temporary Mexican auto insurance when you come into the country.
Keep in mind that while some US insurance companies have told policyholders that their insurance covers them within so many miles of the border, that policy is not recognized by Mexican authorities and you will face fines.

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