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Hopefully, you know by now that Mexican auto insurance is mandatory if you are operating a vehicle in Mexico. You probably also know that your US or Canadian based insurance policy on your car is not recognized as valid insurance when in Mexico and you must purchase temporary Mexican auto insurance before you enter Mexico. While it is possible to purchase Mexico car insurance at the border, you can easily get a free quote online and choose from several A+ rated insurance company, and at very affordable rates.
To get Mexico travel insurance online, simply go to SmartGringo’s auto insurance page and start a quote. Policies can be issues in minutes and it is incredibly easy to do. Simply enter in some basic information about yourself and your vehicle, choose the coverage options that are right for you, and pay for the policy. It’s as simple as that!
Driving Tips in Mexico
If you do plan to drive in Mexico, it’s recommended that you know some basic tips to stay safe and follow the laws of the road.

  1. Try to avoid driving at night – sometimes visibility can be a problem on roads in Mexico so it’s usually safer to drive during the day. Mexican roads aren’t the best either so it is easier to see potential obstacles in the road during the day.
  2. Left turn signal – a car in front of you putting on it’s left turn signal doesn’t always mean it is going to turn left. In Mexico, it can also mean the driver is signaling to you it is safe to pass them.
  3. Right shoulders aren’t just for vehicles stopped on the side of the road. If it’s a two-lane road, drivers will move into the shoulder to allow you to pass.
  4. Police shakedowns do happen – some police are not honest and they may try to get a bribe to let you go and try to scare you. It is up to you if you choose to do this but we recommend you let them know you will not partake in this and will report them.
  5. Hazard lights or flashing lights on in front of you means either to slow down and be careful.
  6. Green Angels are here to help – If you get into trouble while driving, you can dial 060 from a Mexican phone for English speaking assistance from Angeles Verdes, or Green Angels.
  7. Stop signs are for stopping – even though you will see many drivers blast through stop signs, you still should.
  8. Watch out for crazy drivers – some people never got any training and just started driving. Watch out for the crazy ones that drive insanely fast and dangerous.
  9. Don’t drink and drive – not only will you get thrown in a Mexican jail (you DO NOT want this to happen) but your temporary Mexican auto insurance will be voided if you were under the influence and in an accident.

Driving around in Mexico is very easy and it’s safe, just know the rules of the road and always be cautious of your surroundings. And don’t forget your insurance!

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