Getting Around in Mexico – A guide to Mexico’s many forms of public transportation

Getting to Mexico is pretty easy, and whether you come in by car, boat, or air, there are many wonderful destinations.  Once you get to where you are going, there are a variety of modes of transportation in Mexico to get you around.
Taxis are all over Mexico and are a very common way to get around. Most taxis don’t have meters, so negotiate the price before you get into the car.  Like many things in Mexico, the price of your ride is negotiable. Some taxis will allow you to rent them for the whole day.
Collectivos or Combis
Collectivos, Combis, and Minibuses are usually minivans and most cities have them. They operate on fixed routes and you tell the driver where you want to get off. They are fixed prices and you pay at the end. It is a very inexpensive way to get around town and can be quite fun. It’s one of the most popular methods of transportation in Mexico.
Buses are a very common way to travel in Mexico when going a long distance.  These buses are usually much nicer than public transportation buses in the United States offering first class comforts. however, you will also find old school buses being used as well. During busy seasons, it is recommended to purchase your tickets in advance, but all other times, you can usually purchase them when you arrive at the station.
Private Car
You could bring your own car into Mexico but if you do, make sure you purchase Mexican auto insurance because your policy at home does not cover you. You could also rent a car as well. The advantages of this are you can come and go as you please vs. relying on public transportation. Keep in mind the rules of the road are different in Mexico.
Some large cities have a metro you can use to get around. In fact, Mexico City has the second largest system in North America. Guadalajara and Monterrey also have metro systems and it’s a very convenient way to get around. Take extra precautions if riding the metro at night.
Wherever your destination takes you, it will be pretty easy to get around because of the many transportation opportunities available to you.  Each city is different but people are always gracious and happy to help.

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