Healthcare Coverage Options in Mexico

Whether you are traveling to Mexico for just a weekend or living there long term, there are a few options you should be aware of when it comes to health insurance. You want to know what to do and where to go in the event you need medical attention.
Depending on your medical healthcare plan at home, it is possible that your insurance company covers you for short stays while abroad, but check with your plan before you go. This is usually short-term and has exceptions to it. Also, keep in mind that the provider in Mexico may not accept your insurance so you will have to pay for treatment and then get your insurance company to reimburse you.
If you are a Mexican citizen or foreign national that lives in Mexico with a permanent resident visa, the Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social (IMSS) is a state-funded social security system that has healthcare coverage.
For everyone else, you either pay in cash or purchase private medical insurance to receive care.  The good thing is most routine care in Mexico is pretty inexpensive. Many people just prefer to pay as they need attention.  The easiest and quickest way to get coverage is to purchase travel medical insurance, which you can purchase online for as little as a day and up to three years.   These plans are comprehensive and have deductibles similar to U.S.-based health plans. Some also include medical evacuation and are available for individuals and families. It’s important to keep in mind however that pre-existing conditions (i.e. cancer) may be excluded in these plans so read the fine print before you purchase.  Temporary medical insurance is incredibly affordable and a good option when you travel or reside in Mexico.

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