Homeowners Insurance In Mexico

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Your own home is a big dream come true. And of course, you would want to protect it the best way you can. And guess what, having homeowners insurance is one of the best tools to help you secure your house. While the law does not necessarily mandate you to get a home owner’s insurance, it is a wise decision. Getting home insurance is a protection for your financial security and your peaceful living.

Benefits of Homeowners Insurance in Mexico

Home insurance provides you with protection including:

  • Dwelling coverage
  • Structural coverage
  • Personal property coverage
  • Loss of rent or loss of use coverage
  • Living coverage
  • Theft protection
  • Medical coverage
  • Disaster coverage such as earthquake coverage, tsunami, flood, and hurricane coverage
  • Debris removal
  • Glass breakage coverage

And so on.

It does not take a tragic earthquake for you to use your insurance. Insurance can also go a long way in helping you keep up with the ongoing maintenance and any personal property damage liabilities. Rental losses can also be made up for. Having home insurance that fits your needs is a good investment that will make sense in the long run.

Checklist For Choosing The Best Home Insurance In Mexico

  • Always choose a vendor who has considerable expertise and knowledge in the Mexican insurance marketplace as well as the housing market
  • Choose your policy terms depending on your location and property specifics. If you are nowhere near the sea, getting a tsunami coverage would barely make any sense
  • Enquire all the prerequisites your home should have to qualify for the insurance claims. For instance, some providers will only cover your hurricane coverage claims if your home has HVHZ storm shutters installed.
  • Also, look into any possible risk factors and structural defects pre-existing in your home that could affect your claims.
  • Have a clear idea of your property replacement value before you seek quotes from insurance vendors in Mexico.
  • Decide on the type of coverage you need, including the rental-related coverages. Most insurance companies can provide you with at most six months of coverage for loss of rental income. You can also get around six months of dwelling coverage if your home becomes uninhabitable.

Besides the above considerations, you should also look into the obvious factors like the cost, coverage provided, level of support, and the trust score rating of the vendor before finalizing your insurance policy in Mexico.

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