Is Mexican Auto Insurance Required?

Driving to Mexico is pretty common amongst Americans. In fact, every year, Mexico sees an influx of visitors from the United States, most of whom travel by car. However, most travelers do not realize that their American auto insurance is not valid in Mexico, which means that you might need to invest in some Mexican Auto Insurance before you travel.
That being said, you might be wondering if Mexican Auto Insurance is required at all? After all, you’re only going there for a short visit, right? But having auto insurance during your travel can benefit you greatly. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which Mexican Auto Insurance can help you.

Benefits of a Mexican Auto Insurance

Getting auto insurance for your vehicle, no matter where you are, is always a good idea. However, obtaining Mexican auto insurance when you are traveling to Mexico is especially important because:

It Is Mandatory

The laws in Mexico require you to have insurance in order to be able to drive around the country legally. This is why you need to get insured even before you step inside the country. You should also keep in mind that the laws regarding auto insurance vary from one state to another. Depending on which state you are going to visit, your Mexican auto insurance will cover you for different amounts.

It Is Useful In Case Of Accidents

Of course, you never plan for an accident during a vacation or a business trip because it seems highly unlikely. However, it is still extremely possible for you to get involved in a car accident, in which case your Mexican Auto Insurance can be your savior. It can help to pay for most or all of the damages incurred during the accident.

It Prevents You From Being Arrested

In case you are involved in a road accident and you are found without valid auto insurance, then the police are most likely going to arrest you until the matter has been resolved. Your car is also going to be impounded. Keep in mind that unless you know Spanish, you might find yourself unable to make any pleas or arguments in front of the judge as well.
However, if you do have coverage by a Mexican auto insurance company, then you can be safe from the police, even if you have been involved in an accident.

What Kind Of Insurance Do I Need?

Unfortunately, as we have already said, if you have been found at a car accident without any auto insurance on you, then you might just face some jail time in Mexico. This is true until and unless you are able to show that you have the ability to pay up and cover the damage cost from the accident.
This is why it would be best for you to opt for Mexican auto insurance that is capable of providing you with liability coverage and legal assistance so that you are not left to fend for yourself in a foreign country.

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