Mexican Watercraft Insurance: What To Look For

Are you planning to give your boat a ride into the Mexican waters? Well, it is going to be a trip to remember as Mexico has one of the most beautiful coastlines and waterways. Since you want all your memories to be pleasant and enjoyable, do not let accidents or breakdowns spoil all the fun. Get yourself proper watercraft insurance just as you get your sails ready for the trip. Because, for starters, it is mandated by Mexican law that you should carry valid insurance for your watercraft if you need a permit into Mexican waters.

Getting watercraft insurance is easy and can be purchased online. But easy does not mean you should take the first choice you are presented with.

Insurance is a way to protect you from the unexpected, and if anything, the sea is an unexpected place.  Insurance gives you the confidence to go about your trip and get the peace of mind that things will be taken care of in case of an emergency. So you need to think about the options you have and make a calculated decision as to what insurance product will best suit your needs.

Pointers To Consider While Buying Mexican Watercraft Insurance

Mexican watercraft insurance provides you with liability coverage, damage compensations and can also include legal assistance if required. Boat liability usually covers property damage, bodily injuries, and legal assistance.  There are many flexible options available for you to choose from depending on the type of watercraft you take for your trip.

Here are some things to look into before you decide on purchasing Mexican watercraft insurance:

  • Duration of the insurance, you can get anywhere from just a day to up to a year
  • Cost of the insurance
  • Coverage provided
  • Optional dinghy coverage
  • Legal assistance and bail bond
  • Physical damage and theft protection
  • Medical insurance for passengers
  • The rating of the insurance company you choose
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Coverage territory. The policy should cover the areas you travel to and the type of waterways, be it oceans, lakes, or rivers you will be traveling in.

Do get quotes from multiple insurance vendors, compare and choose the best plan that fits your needs. To get your quote, you will have to provide basic details such as the type and other details of the watercraft, destination, and duration of your trip.

You should also ensure you only work with genuine insurance providers with A+ ratings, good customer reviews, and trust scores. And that’s where SmartGringo helps you out. SmartGringo offers a wide range of verified Mexican insurance products and has the best flexible options you need. We help you get both short and long-term comprehensive insurance plans from A+ rated companies at the fastest possible time.

To learn more about Mexican watercraft insurance and how we can help you out, contact us today.

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