Mexico Car Insurance Trends 2022

It has been estimated that the Mexican insurance industry is set to grow to a whopping 20 billion USD in 2022. And this includes tremendous growth in the car insurance sector as well. And guess what is driving this upward graph? It is the growing digital insurance product that lets consumers buy the best car insurance in Mexico right from the convenience of their homes.

Along with digital insurance products, the increasing sales of automobiles and recent favorable regulatory initiatives in the car insurance sector are also positive factors stimulating the growth in the car insurance industry.

For the past couple of years, the entire economy has experienced a bit of a slowdown due to the pandemic and travel restrictions. But in 2022, the car insurance sector will be witnessing a fast recovery.

Here are some growing trends in Mexico car insurance policies and products.

Mexican Car Insurance Trends


While the pandemic paved the way for rapid digitization, the convenience and efficiency of digital products have made them a common stay in the insurance world. People can now easily search for several insurance products, gather quotes from multiple vendors,  compare them and make an informed decision regarding their car insurance. Additional digital services such as telehealth, online consultation, and customizations have helped users easily buy policies and make insurance claims without hassle.

Easing Regulations

Since August 2021, the Mexican government has mandated that all licensed insurance vendors provide motor passenger and cargo liability insurance. This allows for multiple options for the users to choose from and could also get users reduced insurance costs as multiple vendors will now be providing car insurance products.

Increase In Motor Vehicles Sales

There is an upward trend in car sales in Mexico, which has caused a positive shift in the car insurance industry as well. The demand for car insurance products is only growing with every new car sale.

Get The Best Mexican Car Insurance

As you can see, the car insurance industry is currently booming and growing in Mexico. This is indeed good news for anyone looking to buy car insurance in Mexico. Now you get more options and better services at competitive rates. Make sure you use your varied options, compare the various insurance policy terms and requirements, and choose the Mexican car insurance that best fits your needs.

Here are some things to look out for when choosing your car insurance in Mexico

  • Ensure you are working with an insurance vendor with a good trust score and A and above rating. Do check out review sites, customer testimonials, and comparison sites.
  • Check for 24/7 customer support and omni-channel support so you can always get your queries resolved quickly. Also, getting support in your preferred language would be a good idea to avoid any miscommunication
  • Make sure to go through the policy terms, any additional coverages provided, the total cost of the insurance, deductibles, and more before making your choice. Pay attention to the details in your quotations.

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