One Day Mexican Auto Insurance: What Is It And Why Should Travelers Opt For It?

If you are traveling to Mexico for a day due to a business meeting, or any other reason, then you should get one-day Mexican auto insurance for your vehicle to be safe and prepared in case of any liabilities arise. You may enter Mexico with a rented car or your own, but regardless, you should carry Mexican auto insurance with you for your driving to be legal.

Why A Separate Insurance Policy To Drive In Mexico?

Under Mexico’s driving policies, the one at fault is deemed guilty unless proven otherwise and is entitled to pay for the medical expenses. They are required to cover the financial problems of the injured party until the total recovery is made. Mexico considers driving accidents as a civil matter and a criminal offense. Hence, unless you have valid Mexican car insurance, you can be subjected to prosecution and jail time.
Many travelers may not know this, but separate insurance is needed because the United States insurance policies do not apply in Mexico. If you, unfortunately, face an accident in the state of Mexico, you will not be able to use your existing non-Mexican car insurance to cover the damages. This would lead to the state authorities arresting you and holding your car under them until the matter is settled, which obviously will take a long time.

How Does The Mexican Insurance Policy Differ From Other Country Insurance Policies?

Unlike the United States auto insurance policies, the Mexican liability limit is a lump sum rather than paying individually per person. The liability amount for a driver, if they cause an accident, is set by individual states of Mexico on their own accord. This amount is the state’s minimum wage multiplied by 5000 plus funeral expenses per person.
As Mexican law asks for high compensation levels, you should consider buying liability insurance of a greater scale. Also, keep in mind that the amount may change depending on the state you are traveling to.

Benefits And Coverage Of Getting A One-Day Mexican Auto Insurance Policy:

The benefits of getting Mexican car insurance, besides it being mandatory, are that if you are traveling for a shorter period, you do not need to spend huge amounts of money to get indefinite insurance. Many packages that offer insurances ranging from one-day insurance to six months insurance and yearly insurance policies are available. You can also get full coverage of one-day Mexican auto insurance policies that cover accidents, as liability-only policies do, and cover thefts and physical damage.
Hence, to ensure your safety in the unseen future and make sure that you do not have to undergo a hassle with the Mexican authorities if something happens, be sure to get your automobile one-day Mexican auto insurance without fail. Drive safe, cheap, and legally with one-day Mexican auto insurance policies.

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