Are you planning your next Mexican road trip? While you get ready to pack your bags, take a moment to think about your auto insurance.
While it is good to be optimistic, it is necessary to consider all the risks of a road trip. Your vehicle could break down in the middle of nowhere. You could accidentally bump into another car when reverse parking or get into an accident on foreign land.
These situations need not unfold into scary scenarios if you took the time to buy proper auto insurance. Insurance assures you that everything from medical treatment to vehicle repairs, legal assistance, and damage compensation will be taken care of.
So, here is a small guide that ought to help you choose the best protective insurance to keep your worries away on your dreamy Mexican trip.

Do You Need A Mexican Auto Insurance?

The absolute answer is Yes. And the reasons are not just because of the benefits of insurance but also because of the Mexican Laws that mandate you to carry valid auto insurance to gain a vehicle permit into Mexico.
If you think your existing insurance will make up for this requirement, you may regret to know that most foreign insurance policies are not acknowledged in Mexico. You will have to double-check with your insurance provider on whether your existing policy will apply in Mexico as well.
Even if it does, the coverage and assistance provided could be limited. So, it is always a better idea to get valid Mexican auto insurance from a reputable vendor.

What Should You Look Into?

As with any purchase, the cost of your insurance premium plays an essential factor in your final decision. So when you research for possible policies, consider the various things that could impact your insurance cost. Some of the factors include:

  • The duration of your stay
  • The type of vehicle you want to get insured
  • The dates you are traveling
  • The destination location

The actual coverage you require can include liability coverage, medical assistance, legal assistance, roadside assistance, travel assistance, theft coverage, towing assistance, repairs, accidental cost coverage, and more.
It is possible to customize your insurance depending on your needs and the terms provided by the insurance provider.
Get quotes from different insurance providers, compare prices and the features provided. Some more useful features you can look into are:

  • Cancellation charges
  • Rescheduling options
  • Customer support and assistance
  • Preferred language support

When you contact an insurance company, make sure to keep your travel details such as vehicle identification number, license details, travel dates, and more ready to get a quick quote.
Also, make sure to conduct due diligence when you choose your insurance provider. Read up customer reviews, trust scores, get referrals, and choose to buy only from reputable insurance companies.
If you plan to get a rental car, make sure the vehicle carries proper Mexican insurance. If not, work with your rental agency on choosing the right policy for the trip.
Failing to buy a policy before your trip will lead you to get an expensive policy at the border, as it is mandatory to carry insurance if you want to take the vehicle into Mexico. Procrastinating will leave you with few choices.

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