Retiring to Mexico – It’s all about quality of life

It’s no surprise more and more people are choosing to live out their retirement days in Mexico. It’s warm climate and inexpensive lifestyle make it a solid decision for those looking to retire.  Whether you decide to live in Mexico full-time or part-time, there are many reasons to come.
Affordable Healthcare
With healthcare costs skyrocketing every year, it becomes harder and harder to afford monthly insurance premiums, especially when you are on a budget. Healthcare in Mexico is surprisingly good and affordable. Routine medical visits usually cost between $5-$25 depending on where you live and what your needs are. Medications are a fraction of what they cost in the United States.
Amazing Food that’s Better for You
One huge difference between food in Mexico vs. the U.S. and Canada is fast food. When you go to fast food places in the United States, it is heavily processed and fortified foods that are not good for you. In Mexico, the “fast food” places like taquerias, the food is made fresh in front of you with no preservative ingredients. Taco shops are cooking the meat, making fresh tortillas, and adding fresh vegetables as you wait.
Food is also much less expensive in Mexico. You can afford to buy nice fruits and vegetables and most cities have open markets where vendors sell fresh foods for less than what it costs in grocery stores.
Amazing Climate
No matter where you end up, Mexico has a variety of climates to choose from. If you enjoy the warm weather, Mexico has miles of beautiful beaches to choose from and it is surprisingly affordable to purchase a home near one.  If you like cooler climates, there are higher mountainous towns you can live, such as San Miguel de Allende, which has a fairly large expat community. If you love humidity, Mexico’s South-East states are for you.
Affordable Housing
Not only is real estate cheaper in Mexico, but utilities and property taxes are too. Your dollar goes further than it does elsewhere and you can afford to live in places in Mexico that would be well out of your budget in other countries. In many cities, you can purchase a very nice sized home for what a small condominium would cost in the United States.
Overall Quality of Life
Dollar for dollar, your quality of life is so much better in Mexico because you can afford to do things even on a fixed income. Almost every aspect of your living costs less in Mexico, from grocery shopping to going to the movies. The people of Mexico are also incredibly friendly and have a strong sense of family. You will find yourself making many friends and having new adventures you never thought you would.

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