San Diego Man Returns to the US After Spending Days in Mexican Jail

So this happened. A San Diego man named Rob Thomas who is a Marine veteran was kept in police custody as he was found guilty in a traffic collision that led to the hospitalization of four people, according to a local news outlet.
The man was sent back to the US after being held in custody since Sunday.
For starters, Mexican law allows authorities to keep the person at fault in a collision until they prove that they can cover the expenses related to the crash.
What Happened Exactly?
As it turned out, Thomas didn’t have any car insurance valid in Mexico. As a result, authorities rightly demanded a cash bond. Although the exact amount of negotiated cash bond is not confirmed by any reliable source, it could be somewhere between $20,000 and $50,000.
Thomas, surely, sounded frustrated. In a recent interview, his friend Mikey was spotted saying, “This is without a doubt a traveler’s worst nightmare, ending up in a foreign jail surrounded by people that don’t speak your language.” “They don’t feed the people in detention, and so friends of ours that are down there, they’ve had to feed him daily.”
Reportedly, Thomas was enjoying a surf trip with his girlfriend in Rosarito. After eating tacos, as soon, as soon as he made a left turn in his pickup truck, he ended up colliding with a passenger van on Sunday near the Las Rocas hotel.
This collision injured two adults and two children who were then taken to the hospital.
Pauline Thomas, the mother of Thomas revealed that the US consulate only helped them by providing a list of attorneys. This incident surely left his family helpless. Speaking on a phone from Kansas, she said, “I’ve cried so much, my eyes are almost swollen shut,” “I need him to be safe. He’s my baby.”
Since accumulating so much money was a task, his friends helped him by launching a GoFundMe campaign. For the uninformed, the expenses incurred were in tens of thousands of US dollars.
It is important to mention here that you might have auto insurance in the US but it is not valid in Mexico. When driving to Mexico, you must have a separate insurance policy provided by a reputed Mexican insurance company.
Sure, you can take risks and travel to Mexico without insurance. In such cases, you should be prepared for an unforeseen event as happened with Thomas.
The Next Steps
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