Short Term Mexican Auto Insurance

Are you planning a road trip to Mexico? Great. Then it is time to start planning for the best Mexican Auto insurance for your car. This might come as a surprise for some as you might already have solid long-term insurance for your vehicle. But unfortunately, most foreign insurances are not considered valid in Mexico, and you will have to buy a valid Mexican government-authorized insurance for your trip. And it is not even a choice.
Mexican road laws mandate that every vehicle carry valid auto insurance for liability coverage to gain a permit into Mexico. So eventually, you will end up buying insurance, if not now, at least at the border when you try to take your motor vehicles into Mexico.
Unless you are permanently moving to Mexico, it makes sense to buy short-term Mexican auto insurance just for the duration of your trip. This way, you only need to pay the premium for a short period and not take up expensive insurance.

Choosing The Best Short-Term Mexican Insurance

Getting short-term Mexican auto insurance means that you can choose to have flexible terms and coverage limits as per your exact needs. Here is the essential information you will have to get ready to inquire with a Mexican auto insurance provider for short-term insurance.

  • The type, model, and manufacturing date of your car
  • The current value of your car
  • The coverage limits you seek. You can choose to get additional coverage for theft coverage, towing assistance, legal assistance, and cost for transporting the vehicle back to your home, and so on.
  • The duration of your stay in Mexico
  • The destination of your trip in Mexico. Based on your destination, the insurance cost could vary
  • If there are any drivers under 21
  • If you need coverage for anything, you will be towing with your car

Mexican insurance providers will not usually ask for your detailed driving record. They will only require the minimum base information as the insurance you seek will be for a short term. Coverage usually includes a lump sum liability limit along with medical coverage and motorist insurance.
This is equivalent to the total of the bodily injury and the property damage liability usually covered by the US insurance policies. In Mexico, you typically get a single capped limit that covers both types of claims. But there are also additional optional coverage options provided by many insurance providers. This optional coverage could be rental car insurance, roadside assistance, return ticket cost coverage, car repairs, and legal aid.
Sometimes, if your trip involves any adventure sports or risk activities, you may have to end up paying more for your premium costs.
Your Mexican auto insurance cost could vary depending on the terms you choose and the duration of your stay. Do get quotes from different providers, compare, and take due diligence before buying insurance. You also need to make sure you buy insurance only from an authorized and genuine insurance provider.

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