The Best City in the World – San Miguel de Allende

If you are a lover of all things Mexico, at some point you’ll need to visit the magical city of San Miguel de Allende. San Miguel is in the heart of Mexico, about 4 hours (by car) north of Mexico City. In 2017, Travel + Leisure Magazine named it the best city in the World.  It’s cobblestone streets and colonial architecture will make you feel like you walked into a Mexican Italy.  In 2008 the city was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
One of the great things about San Miguel is how easy it is to get around.  The streets are narrow and very quaint and you can explore most of it on foot. The central plaza (called El Jardin) is a perfect place to start and there are many restaurants and shops surrounding it. The plaza always has something going on, and on weekends, families fill the plaza and its common to see live music, dancers, and people dressed in various historical costumes.
The Food
One thing is for certain if you like good food you will love San Miguel de Allende. With more than 350 restaurants, there is a variety of types of food from Mexican to Peruvian to many International cuisines. You will undoubtedly find that some of the best food you’ll ever have is in this town. Don’t be shy about the street foods either. The taco stands can be out of this world.
The Architecture
The colonial style buildings throughout the city will keep you exploring for blocks. The streets are so colorful and there are flowers everywhere. One thing San Miguel is known for is the spectacular doors that practically make their own statement.  Walking up and down the streets of the city you will be struck by their beauty.
The doors of San Miguel de Allende
There is no shortage of shops to keep you busy in San Miguel. From handmade toys to art and linens, there is an abundance of stores around town to explore. One thing to note is that the town has strict laws against business signage so sometimes you have to peek inside to see what the shop is selling.
Las Monas Church
The Iglesia de la Inmaculada Concepción (known as Las Monas) was built between 1755 and 1842 and is one of the spotlights of the city. It’s beautiful architecture inside and out make it a deserved stop on your tour of the city.
When to Go
The great thing about the location of San Miguel de Allende is the climate stays pretty consistent. High temperatures are between 73-88 degrees so it’s never too hot. November through April are the most popular months to travel because there is less chance of rain than during the Summer.

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