Things To Consider When Choosing the Best Mexican Auto Insurance Company

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Summers are great, especially when you are excited to go on your Mexican road trip. But before you gear up your vehicle and start riding on the Mexican roads, remember there are legalities you need to take care of. If not taken care of, some little things, such as insurance, can become a hassle when you are in dire need. As much as you expect your road trip to be enjoyable, you should also consider the possible unfortunate events. And so, you need insurance to protect yourself and your vehicle.

And if you think you are ready to risk and forego auto insurance, you will have to rethink, as Mexican laws mandate that every vehicle entering Mexico must have valid Mexican insurance. Also, your existing insurance will not be considered valid in Mexico as the Mexican government only acknowledges the insurance companies that the Mexican government authorizes.

While you can get namesake Mexican insurance at the border, it is not the best option. By planning early on, you get a good deal both on the premium costs and the insurance terms. As you will need short-term insurance for your travel, the insurance cost will be low compared to general auto insurance policies. But should cost be the only factor when picking the best Mexican auto insurance for your Mexican trip? Here are some things to consider as well

Choosing The Best Mexican Auto Insurance Company


Look into the various coverage options provided by the insurance company. While most auto insurances provide comprehensive liability coverage, some might also provide additional or optional. Optional could be theft protection, vandalization protection, passenger insurance, towing assistance, and so on. Adding on optional coverage can increase your premium costs.

Work with a genuine insurance company

Contacting the insurance company directly or through an insurance broker ensures you only work with a genuine and highly rated Mexican insurance provider. Most often, a too hard-to-believe low premium cost can sometimes be from a shady insurance provider and thus come at high risk. Use ratings such as the AM Best or reputable trust scores and review sites to evaluate a company. Go with companies that have a rating of A and above only. Ensure the insurer is properly licensed and has a good infrastructure and track record of supporting your claims successfully.

Customer support

A solid customer support service is very important to resolve all your queries with the insurance company. Ensure the company you pick has 24/7 customer support and multiple channels available for communication. You should also look into the languages they support to communicate hassle-free with them in your preferred or convenient language.

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