Travel Medical Insurance In Mexico: Should You Have It?

Mexico is a dream destination for many travelers. The cool resort cities like Cancun and Cabo San Lucas — historical heritages that take you closer to the Mayan culture like the chichen Itza — natural wonders like the underground river and cenetos in the Yucatan Peninsula — sophisticated cruise stops like the Cozumel island —  and many more exotic locations offer varied choices for a  chilled out vacation or  an adventure of your lifetime.
While Mexico is a great place to enjoy as a traveler, be it for professional reasons or as a tourist, it is still a foreign nation, and you need to take the necessary precautions to avoid any mishaps.
You should be careful about your belongings and drink only safe water and avoid consuming cut fruits and cold fruit. And the most important precaution you need to take is to buy Mexico travel medical insurance. Medical insurance gives you the best defense you need to have a safe and enjoyable trip to Mexico.

Travel Medical Insurance In Mexico

Mexico has a national healthcare system called the ‘Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social’ that caters to its citizens and legal immigrants. Tourists and travelers will have to pay from their pockets for any medical assistance they may require while in Mexico.
Most Mexican hospitals prefer to accept payments in the local currency Peso or occasionally US dollars. They might withhold your passport until you make the full payments for any possible treatments you have taken. Sometimes travelers will also be mandated to show proof of insurance to get medical services.
Scrambling for money and having to deal with financial stress would be the last thing you need when you are already sick or met with injuries on your stay in Mexico. Opting a travel medical insurance relieves you of this stress and helps you enjoy your vacation without worry or fear of medical emergencies.
You can enjoy adventurous sporting and trips heartily without the fear of medical expenses in case of injuries or mishaps. Medical insurance also helps cover the trip back and make it cost way lesser in case you need medical assistance.
There are many types of travel medical insurance available for you to choose from. The quotes for these insurances could vary depending on the:

  • Term of stay ( short term or long term)
  • Number of people to be insured ( individual or group insurance)
  • Types of coverage include (travel assistance, trip cancelations, injuries, and accidental coverage, illness coverage, and so on.

Before Buying a Travel Insurance

There are a few factors you should consider before choosing medical insurance in Mexico.

  • Insurers may offer coverage only for specific clinics and hospitals listed under them.
  • The term of the insurance might be limited. Make sure it matches with the duration and dates of your trip
  • The insurance company should have the proper infrastructure to provide adequate support. 24/7 support through toll-free numbers and immediate response should be available.
  • Some insurers don’t pay upfront and only provide reimbursements after you have made the payments at hospitals. Look into the necessary eligibility criteria and time to wait for making an insurance claim.
  • Check if the insurance covers activities like extreme sports and adventure activities if you intend to take them up on your trip.

Do your own research to find the best available travel medical insurances and choose the one that best fits your needs.

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