US – Mexico Relationships Not All Bad

US – Mexico Relationships Not All Bad

Despite what you may hear on the news and the threats from the bully-of-a-president, not all relationships with Mexico and the US are negative. This week a new report out on the safety corridor project from Tuscon to Puerto Peñasco and how both sides of the border have worked together to make it safer for travelers from the US to the Mexican town.

The Arizona-Mexico Commission worked directly with the Mexican government to improve road conditions and post signs in English and Spanish along the route to Puerto Peñasco so it’s easy for travelers to get where they are going safely.

The safety corridor makes up a total of 63 miles and 2.3 million Americans visited Puerto Peñasco in 2018 along. As proof of their efforts, zero accidents were reported in the first year.

If you do plan to travel into Mexico to visit this amazing place, keep in mind that your US-issued auto insurance policy is not valid in Mexico and you are required to purchase temporary auto insurance. There have been reports of Mexican police stopping vehicles and checking to make sure you have insurance coverage in Mexico.

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