Why Do We Need Mexican Car Insurance?

Many people choose to visit Mexico by car and drive across the US border into Mexico. Just a short drive across and you can be immersed in great food, culture, and some of the most beautiful beaches you’ve seen. While some people worry about safety in Mexico, those who have made the trip know most of what you hear on the news is completely false, however, you should still exercise caution when visiting any new place for the first time until you become more familiar with your surroundings.
One incredibly important item you need before crossing the border is temporary Mexican auto insurance. Some people are misled to believe their US-based insurance policy is valid in Mexico but it is not recognized as valid and in the event you are in an accident in Mexico, you could be arrested and fined until liability can be established. So when people ask the question, “Do I need Mexican car insurance.” the answer is overwhelmingly, YES.
Mexican insurance is relatively inexpensive and policies can be purchased for as little as a day, however, you can also buy 6-month and even one-year policies to cover your vehicle if you see yourself making frequent trips across the border. Comprehensive policies are available and some include theft and medical coverage. The minimum requirements in Mexico are liability coverage however it is recommended to purchase additional coverage so that your own property and passengers are covered in the event of an accident. The only caveat to this is if your vehicle is over 20 years old, in which case liability coverage is all that is offered.
Knowing where to buy Mexican auto insurance can sometimes be confusing as there are countless companies selling policies, even in gas stations and convenience stores close to the border.  Finding a company with good Mexican auto insurance reviews is ideal and SmartGringo not only works with A+ rated insurance companies but our policies are customizable to your specific needs and you can compare quotes from several companies at once and choose the policy that is right for you.
In order to get a policy, you just need a few items hand and you can do this online in just minutes.

  • Dates you will be going to and leaving Mexico
  • Where you will be traveling to in Mexico
  • Your vehicle year, make, and model
  • The estimated value of your vehicle
  • Your vehicle VIN and license plate number
  • Your US auto insurance policy info

Something very important to keep in mind is if you are in an accident in Mexico, follow the exact instructions on your auto policy on what to do. Do NOT go home and then report the accident, as it will nullify your coverage.
If you are by chance taking a boat or watercraft (i.e. Jetski or Waverunner) into Mexico, you can also purchase a required policy at SmartGringo as well. Keep in mind you must have this policy before entering a Mexican port.

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