Why Mexican Car Insurance?

When you think of a dream Mexican trip, the first thing that probably pops up in your mind is an adventurous road trip. Every year, thousands of tourists take on road trips across Mexican roads either via rental cars or by driving down their own vehicles.
So, if you too are planning for such an amazing trip, you have one important checklist item to cover first. That is to obtain valid Mexican car insurance. Here is all you need to know about why you need Mexican car insurance and how you can choose the right one.

Why Is Car Insurance Required In Mexico?

For any road trip, it is essential to have proper insurance for your vehicle and yourself to stay on the safer side. Insurance will allow you to cover all the repair and accidental damage costs as well as take care of any other liabilities like legal charges, hospital charges, towing, and transportation charges.
Mexican laws have mandated that every automobile running on their highways must be protected by appropriate insurance. And Mexico does not recognize the insurance policies granted in a foreign nation. Hence, every foreign and local car owner must obtain proper Mexican car insurance when driving in Mexico.
If you ever get caught by the Mexican police in the event of an accident and have no proper insurance documents, you might have to face serious consequences. The processing times for payments and legalities will be more time consuming, and you may even get arrested if you cannot produce proper insurance documents.
So, never forget to get a Mexican car insurance policy that can help you deal with any unexpected scenario with ease. The process of obtaining Mexican car insurance is quite simple and is actually cheaper than you think.

How To Choose The Mexican Car Insurance?

The best way to buy Mexican car insurance is to search through the government-approved list of trusted insurance providers.  Choose the policy that best suits your needs and budget. You can try to obtain the policy even before arriving at the Mexican border. Buying a policy right at the border can be a more expensive option with limited choices to choose from.
The basic information you will have to provide to obtain car insurance is:

  • Car type and make
  • Value of the Car
  • The coverage limits you desire
  • The duration of your stay in Mexico
  • Your trip destination location in Mexico
  • Whether you need to tow anything
  • The age and details of the driver

The coverage provided by Mexican car insurance in general include:

  • Lump-sum liability limit which can cover bodily injuries and property damage costs
  • First-party medical insurance
  • Motorist insurance coverage

Additionally, some policies will also provide coverage for return transportation costs, roadside assistance, rental car insurance, and much more.


Check Mexican laws for the maximum coverage and penalties involved in an accident to get the right policy. The costs may differ depending on where you drive. Even when you are renting a car to drive in Mexico, insurance laws are applicable. So, do check whether your car rental service provides an acceptable insurance policy before renting a car.

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