Buying Mexican Auto Insurance At The Border

Are you considering a trip to Mexico and taking your motor vehicle along? There are three main reasons why you must buy Mexican auto insurance.

  • The first is the safety net that insurance provides.
  • The second is that your existing insurance from back at home probably will not work in Mexico.
  • Third and most importantly, you will eventually end up buying Mexican auto insurance at the border anyway. It is mandated by Mexican laws that you must carry an auto insurance document to take your vehicles into Mexico. Mexican government can confiscate your vehicle if you do not have a valid insurance document and cannot establish proper evidence to pay for any damages caused by your car in case of an accident.

Why Waiting To Buy Mexican Insurance At The Border Is A Wrong Choice?

Now, you might think, if it is going to be available at the border, why not wait until then? But there are many reasons why waiting can become a wrong choice for you.

  • You end up paying a lot more than you should because you get to buy the insurance at the last minute
  • You have very few choices to choose from, starting from the available insurance providers to selecting insurance products.
  • You get little time and opportunity to fully understand the terms and conditions and the details of the fine print included in the documents.
  • Most policies sold at the border are unrated and may have many exception cases that would not be the optimal choice for your needs.
  • You will have fewer customization options regarding the duration of the insurance, coverage required, and the premium negotiation.
  • You will have less knowledge about whom to contact or whom you are dealing with in case of an emergency as you just bought the insurance at the border with little research.

Considering all the above factors, it makes sense to take time and get a good insurance policy online before you go ahead. Doing so will provide you with ample time to get quotes from different providers, compare the price plans, terms, coverage provided, and look at the favorable conditions for refund and cancellations. You can get good deals for the best price by doing adequate research and buy Mexican auto insurance before you get to the border.
At the border, you have minimal choices and will end up getting insurance that may not serve your purpose well.

Buy Your Auto Insurance Well In Time

When you do start your research for the best Mexican auto insurance, consider the following factors to help  you choose better:

  • The coverage provided – full-liability coverage, theft coverage, medical assistance, towing assistance, legal assistance, and travel assistance in case of flying back your vehicle to your home
  • The premium cost and duration of your insurance
  • The refund, cancellation, and rescheduling policies
  • Customer support and 24/7 support in your preferred language
  • Trust score of the insurance provider
  • Flexible policy terms

And the best part about buying insurance beforehand is that most of them can be purchased online with minimal manual work involved. Choose wisely to enjoy a hassle-free and safe journey into Mexico.

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