Mexican Auto Insurance: Things You Need To Know

Mexico is a perfect destination for a road trip away from the daily bustle of everyday life. The desert filled with cactuses, the beautiful colonial cities, the coastal drives, the misty mountain ranges, and the incredible ancient ruins of Mexico can all be enjoyed to the fullest when you take your time to experience their uniqueness, and a road trip would be the best way to go about it.
So it is natural you get excited just as you start planning for your Mexican road trip and leave out a few important parts like getting the right auto insurance for your traveling duration. Most often, your existing insurance will not be accepted in Mexico, and you will have to buy Mexican auto insurance to ensure safe and carefree travel and stay. Here is a little guide that will help you choose the right insurance policy for your trip.

Why Do You Need Mexican Auto Insurance?

We all know that insurance policies offer a safety net that you can rely on to deal with any unexpected accidents and situations. Even if you are willing to forgo that safety cover, the Mexican laws mandate that you carry valid auto insurance if you travel to Mexico by car.
All drivers must have insurance, and the vehicle should also be insured on entry into Mexico. So if you don’t already carry insurance, you will be asked to buy one at the Mexican border so as to get entry into Mexico. But buying insurance at the last moment can leave you with little choices and can also be more expensive than they should be.
So it is a better idea to buy auto insurance in advance along with the vehicle permits and other travel documents you carry. Take time to browse through the available options and choose the right policy that fits your needs.

How To Choose Your Mexican Auto Insurance?

It is necessary that you buy your auto insurance from a Mexican insurance company. You cannot choose to piggyback your existing US or Canadian auto insurance. Although your insurance company might have strategic relations with Mexican insurance companies, it is necessary that policies are issued by Mexican companies.
For better reliability, work with trusted Mexican Auto insurance providers or well-known companies who have established a good track record of working with Mexican insurance companies.
Be clear on your travel arrangements so as to get a proper quote from any insurance provider. Here are some factors that can impact the overall cost and coverage provided by the insurance policy.

  • The traveling dates and duration of stay
  • The destination you are traveling to in Mexico
  • Your existing auto insurances, if any
  • The make, model, year, and current valuation of your vehicle
  • The unique vehicle identification number and license number

The coverage you are looking for. You can set your preferred liability coverage limits and can also look for additional coverage like towing assistance, transport assistance in case of breakdowns, legal assistance in case of accidents, and more.
If you plan to rent a car in Mexico, do check up with the rental agency to get the right insurance policy

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