Mexican Car Insurance: Should You Have It?

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Are you planning to drive into Mexico sometime soon? Make sure you get good car insurance along with making all the other preparations for your road trip. This is because your existing car insurance will not be valid inside Mexico, and you will need a special type of Mexican Auto insurance to serve as your safety blanket as you travel across this mesmerizing country.
Here is a brief guide on Mexican car insurance to help you choose the best policy that will suit your needs.

Why Do You Need Car Insurance In Mexico?

Anyone who has been driving for a while or has ever taken a road trip will know the significance of having secure auto insurance. It comes in handy when you get into any trouble on the way, be it an unfortunate accident, damage to properties, or mechanical breakdowns.
You need a backup plan to take care of any related medical expenses and travel assistance.  Some insurance policies can also go as far as providing legal assistance and transport your vehicle safely back to your home country.
So there is no question as to why you need car insurance. The real question is why you would need specific Mexican car insurance while traveling in Mexico. This is because Mexico does not recognize American insurance policies and Mexican laws demand you to possess proper insurance to be able to drive into Mexico. Your existing policies will not be able to cover you any related costs in the country.
The legal requirements for driving a car into Mexico are:

  • You need proper liability coverage to drive into Mexico
  • The maximum payment you will have to make in case of an accident for bodily injuries, death, or property damage will depend on the drive location.
  • Mexican laws state that drivers should have at least third-party liability damage coverage worth $300,000.

How To Get Mexican Car Insurance?

Whether you drive your own vehicle or use a rental car, you need insurance to gain a permit into Mexican roads. You can either choose to buy car insurance right at the border or pre-buy them from the comfort of your home to avoid any last-minute hassle.
Planning for insurance before the trip also gives you time to evaluate the available choices and choose the right policy at an affordable premium. The insurance cost at the borders will also be much higher. So, start planning now and research the available Mexican insurance providers to choose the policy you like.
The basic details insurance companies will need to process your application are:

  • The type of car you intend to drive in Mexico
  • The monetary value of your car
  • The coverage limits you desire
  • The duration of your stay in Mexico
  • The destination location in Mexico you are driving to.
  • The age of the driver. The permissible age is 21 and above.
  • The details of any object or trunk your vehicle would be towing.

The premium cost of Mexican car insurance will vary on the above-listed factors, as well as the policy package you choose.
To file a claim, you will have to file a police report and call your insurance provider in the event of an accident.  An agent will be sent to assess the situation and award you the coverage required per the policy’s terms.


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