Your Handy Guide to Reputable Mexican Auto Insurance

Planning for a joyride into the sunset in Mexico? Before you shine your cars and pack your bags, remember to get all your travel papers right. And this includes your Mexican auto insurance as well. Many people tend to forget that their existing auto insurance will not be applicable when traveling in Mexico. And they end up hassling you to get make-do auto insurance right at the border as you can’t get a permit into Mexican roads unless you have valid Mexican Auto insurance.

Mexican law mandates you to carry valid Mexican Auto insurance for all your motor vehicles, be it cars, trucks, or yachts. And besides the legal mandate, insurance also does come in handy when you meet with an accident. It helps you deal with the financial loss incurred via accidental damages and get legal assistance.  

So, when you are definitely getting insurance, why not take time and choose the best Auto insurance from a reputable Mexican auto insurance provider? And here is some information that will help you in your search for the best Auto insurance.

Getting reputable Mexican auto insurance is not a big hassle as you might expect it to be. You can easily gather quotes, compare various insurance products online and buy your desired insurance products from the comfort of your home itself. But that does not mean you choose the first cheapest option you can find. Here is how one usually goes about purchasing Mexican auto insurance.

Getting a Mexican auto insurance

Check with your existing insurance provider to see if they have any partnerships in Mexico so you can connect with genuine and authorized Mexican insurance vendors. You can also check comparison sites and online reviews to get a list of reputable Mexican auto insurance companies. Do ensure you work with companies with a good trust score and a rating of A and above. You can then ask for quotations from prospective insurance companies. You will have to provide details such as:

  • Type of the vehicle to be insured
  • Value of the motor vehicle
  • The coverage limits
  • The duration of your stay. The start and end dates
  • Destination of your trip to Mexico
  • Driver details
  • Any details regarding what you might be towing

The insurance cost depends on the details provided and the coverage type you are seeking. Most insurance products offer coverage of lump sum liability limit, medical insurance add-ons, and other optional coverage like theft assistance, towing assistance, fly-back assistance, etc. Remember that liability coverage is mandatory to gain vehicle permits in Mexico. You could opt for insurance charged daily, annually, or semi-annually depending on the length of your stay.

Another thing you should look into would be the customer support and services provided by the insurance vendor. A 24/7 omnichannel customer support in your preferred language could make filing your claims and resolving any queries much easier.

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