Deeper Insight Into Auto Insurances In Mexico

For all those adventure spirits looking for an excellent road trip to Mexico, here is a lifesaving tip. Get your auto insurance well before you start your journey. This is because you are going to have to get an insurance policy at the border anyway.

The Mexican government has mandated that every motor vehicle that wants to enter Mexico must carry valid insurance even if you are going to ride into Mexico for a single day trip. So, it makes sense to take your time and evaluate your choices without having to be shoehorned into buying an expensive and not-so-attractive insurance product. Start getting quotes, compare the available products and choose credible insurance that fits your needs.

Getting an Auto Insurance Quote

Let us start with all the information you would need to start requesting for an insurance quote

  • The actual dates of your trip and duration of your trip
  • The destination of your trip in Mexico
  • The type of vehicle you want to insure

Remember, trips need not just be taken on the road. Mexico has a beautiful coastline, and for those of you considering taking your watercraft to Mexico waterways, you need to get insurance for your watercraft as well. Be it a powerboat, yacht or sailboat, you need to get proper insurance, and the cost of insurance will very well depend on the type of vehicle you choose to travel with.

And now here are some more details that will help you decide better once you have a list of choices to compare.

Things To Consider

Customization Of Policy

There are many auto insurance products available in Mexico. But not all of them may fit your needs perfectly. So see if you can get customized options in terms of coverage options. For example, while most generic insurances could give you physical damage and liability coverage, there are some extended options like vandalism protection, theft protection, medical expenses coverage, emergency roadside assistance, towing assistance, legal assistance, and so on.

Ratings And Credibility

Ensure the insurance provider you choose to work with has legal validation in Mexico and has good reviews and trust scores. You can check their ratings on review websites or the International Insurance Group, Inc. website. You can also get references from previous travelers and use testimonies to check their authenticity. You can also check with your existing insurance provider to see if they can recommend or have tie-ins with a valid Mexican insurance provider.


The worst thing to happen in a supposedly relaxing leisure trip is to feel stranded and helpless in a foreign country with no one to understand your language. Look into the level of support provided by the insurance provider and whether they can provide support in English or your preferred language.


We hope these factors will help you make the smart choice. All the best.

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